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Site Map Building :-

The site map in your website is highly important as it indexes your web pages so that your site visitors can get an effective guide of your services without having to browse the entire website. Alongside, the sitemap is a great help for engines to index your site completely.

In case you are looking for a functional sitemap building, come to us. Our SEO firm amitywebsolutions guarantees to provide you with the best sitemap for your website. Our site map services include:

• XML tailor made site map which indexes your entire website instantly in clean and simple HTML code so that the search engine crawlers get a super swift blueprint to index your site.
• Contextual grouping for pages, hierarchical linking in between pages.
• Guaranteed to enhance your website rankings.
• Compliant with the advanced Google sitemap pattern.
• Easy and fast index editing with inclusion of additional pages.
• The site map represents the entire website structure neatly on one page with two line info on each page alongside page links.