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Our Best Internet Marketing Amity is designed to increase online exposure,

improve conversion rates, and help businesses increase revenue and profits.

Outsource your Web Development to India :-

Transacting business online is the order of the day. Are you there yet? The world calls it a robust business model. At Shrishti Softech, we call it plain good business sense. Regardless of the industry vertical or business segment you belong to, the Internet is poised to help you jump start your business development and propel your profits to dizzying heights of success. The seasoned software project teams at Shrishti possess the innate ability to take your value proposition to the next level in the online space. All they need is your consent. Outsource web development to India for all the right reasons by partnering with Shrishti.

Cutting Edge Technologies All the Way
Visit our Company Portfolio and you will notice that we have deployed all the major Internet technologies and a few minor ones as well to build complex web applications. Some of the technologies and application platforms we have used in the past include:

Java Dot.Net PHP Cold Fusion Ajax Ruby on Rails
My SQL MS SQL Joomla Drupal Windows Windows Mobile
Linux Web Sphere Mac OS III server Python Exchange server
And many more…
Why Outsource Web Development to India And to Shrishti ?

We can think of a few reasons and come up with a few more when you call us!
• Intuitive ability to help you further clarify your business model and fine-tune it from a technology perspective
• Provide accurate feedback on the technical viability and sometimes the economic feasibility of your mission
• Choose the most cost-effective platform, applications and tools to match your needs
• Submit a price quote to you that is often the envy of the industry
• Deliver all the offshore advantages and benefits to your company at a price you can well afford
• Superior level quality assurance with built-in quality benchmarks
• Dedicated after sales service live in real time

So the next time you consider platform migration, software and performance upgrades or even a brand new project, outsource your entire web development to India and from the US or Canada. You can also request a price quote through our handy feedback form. As they say, no salesman will ever call on you and there is no obligation. Call today!Website Designing Services

Building an online corporate identity for your organization is your first step to online success :-

But first a quick lesson in web designing history. In India web site design dates back to the early days of the Internet and Shrishti Softech was at the forefront building simple websites for Internet pioneers. We have come a long way since then and offer a spectacular range of web site design services not only for client companies in India but for companies all over the world. Just take a sneak peak at our Company Portfolio and you will see for yourself what we can do for you. Here is an overview.

Static Websites :-

Let us build a killer web site for you on the Windows platform. The Windows platform provides unmatched integration capabilities, modular design and tons of stability for your company’s presence on the Internet. You can even scale up to complex web services such as travel, social media and e-commerce portals because Shrishti is adept at building websites using powerful development tools such as the DOT.NET framework, MS SQL for database integration and Java for hard core and dynamic applications.

Dynamic Websites :-

In India web site design services provided by most companies are based on customer specifications. At Shrishti, we take this equation a step further and contribute significantly to your vision by suggesting multiple ways in which your concept can be made even more viable from a technology standpoint. Websites built on the Linux platform are known for their relatively low cost, flexibility and speed of access. We can develop rich websites for your company using PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and MY SQL for those websites that call for complex database integration and multi-tier data processing.

Content Management Websites :-

Web site design in India has come of age. Commission a content rich website for your company that is not only a breeze to develop and maintain but also easy to update regularly. We deploy powerful open source CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal. Planning to monetize a niche website based on PPC and affiliate marketing? Talk to us and you will be surprised at how well we understand your vision and how effectively we can transform your concept into reality. No web designing project is either too large or too small or Shrishti.

India Web Site Design with a Difference :-

Websites developed by amityare:
• 100% search engine friendly
• Based on design principles and practices set forth by the major search engine companies
• Easy to use and load instantly
• Sharp, one-of-a-kind and eye-catching
• Embody state-of-the-art design elements

We will even register a search engine friendly domain name, develop the content and host your website for you on industrial-strength servers for a price you can’t beat. Call us today at from the US and Canada or write to us for a no-obligation price quote and web design proposal.

Internet Marketing :-

amity– A SEO/SEM Company in India offers Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Link Exchange Program, Traffic Booster Process, Blog Posting, Article Submission & Content Writing.
Market is combative among the organizations. Companies are pertaining themselves to fit into the customers aspects. It’s arduous to reach people with catchpenny efforts. Reaching and entertaining with advertising on television, newspaper, malls, theaters, sending leaflets etc. could be expensive and dubitable whether the add reached to the people in right form or not?
Well there is no way to worry now while we have the power of Internet. We / amityoffer you to reach the people with leading / direct approach. Where you have no need to spend huge amount of money to advertise yourself/ to show your presence in the market. We have all type of solutions for you to create your in the market
We Have:

Search Engine Submission:-

To communicate with the people protractile with a global-reach approach is very easy in the internet era. But the difficult part is to reach to the right people/ customers those are really looking for your services / products.

amitymakes the precisely accurate / dead-on analysis of your website so that it would be veracious right to reach to the right peoples / customers across the world. Our expert optimization team submits the URL link of your web site to the tremendous number of search engines. It allows visitors to reach exactly to you.

Search Engine Ranking:-

People, looking for something are having limited time for everything they need. While they sit to find something on internet world with using of a search engine, they prefer only the top ranked site for exactly they demand. Our SEO team helps you out to rank on the top of the search engines list. Some common search engines are Google, Yahoo Web pages, MSN, Alta-vista etc. We make your presence on top-line of the search pages. Google is an illustrious search engine among the internet users. To get the eminent place on Google is intend the easy-reach of customers / people to you.

Search Engine Promotion:-

To propound your website place on internet / search engines is un-ignorable when you wish to overstep your business. The Marketing trends are veering dramatically this time. Having a piquant and prepossessing website is not well enough to gather visitors on your website. Your site cannot attain impact on visitors when it is not in reachable to them.
Companies / Organizations are possessive to acute on promoting their website on internet. We serve the all kind of SEO solutions to our clients. The major part is web promotion where we make you visible to all. Some major parts of web promotion are here on which we focus mainly:

Link Exchange Program:-

We support your website to share your URL link with the other websites those are soaring top on internet. Sometime it countenance one-way and sometime reciprocally. It offers all the possible ways to internet users to reach to you.

Web Content Management:-

We care your website with our highly proficient/ skilled/ expert content management team analyzes and advise you to make updates on your site content. The major part to increase the visitor’s number and interacting with them is conditioned that how ostentatiously it is displayed. Our team review and suggest necessary updates and changes for your site.

Web Content Writing:-

The content display/ exhibit on your site have its own value. This is the front end speaker on your behalf who interact with the visitors and depict / expound about you. We have all possible experts to make it happen for you because we understand your visitor’s quest. Our team make it significantly and precisely.