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White Hat Seo :-

There are two type of seo White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The White Hat SEO is the part of SEO is performed basedon techniques known as ethical. Using this method we aeguramos to avoid situations that compromise our Web site.The counterpart of White Hat SEO or White hat SEO is the SEO Black Hat. Web posicionaminto This technique aims to achieve faster results but using methods of deception to the robot and even for visitors.Sometimes we can tell the difference from a web site using SEO techniques Black Hat or White Hat. A site worked on White Hat SEO will not have internal pages that open without having requested them, will always land where you're supposed to go to give a click. Some Black Hat SEO techniques include displaying hidden internal pages to try to fool the robot.Also you'll notice when you read a text. This will smooth and understandable. The Black Hat SEO robot tries to convince the relevance using keywords too much. So what we read are a lot of repeating words without meaning.Another easily detectable difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO is the structure of links. White Hat SEO does not use lists liks to sites meaningless. This technique known as Links Farm is quite used by those who practice Black Hat SEO. The SEO White Hat SEO as any attempt to position a web page for certain searches, but what gives this name is the way to go. The White Hat Seo techniques used "legal" in the face of search engines and not forgetting the users. In addition to making the web page code more accessible to search engines also use techniques to get links, but these techniques as opposed to the Black Hat Seo is not automated links pages to create an artificial way and with little effort.